Bessey BAN700 Band Clamp

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  • Even pressure on mitres
  • Crank convertible for right and left-handers
  • Self-service packaging
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Product Description

The band clamp is suitable for assemblies made of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals, but it can also be used wih ferrous metals when firm all-round clamping which will not damage or distort the work is required.

Because the tape is tightened evenly from both sides, pressure is uniformly distributed all round or at each corner, thereby preventing distortion on one side.

Self locking occours automatically as the strap is tightened. This ensures consistent tention, which is maintained until the strap is released. The Vario-angle adapt automatically and infinitely variably to any angle from 60° to 180°.

Clamping Range Up to 7m

Band Width & Depth 25mm x 1mm

Angle 60 / 80 Degress

Weight: 0.53Kg

The Bessey company has been setting new benchmarks in the field of clamping and cutting technology since its inception in the year 1889.

Based on their expertise in development, they have been working on new and innovative ideas and for their continuous improvement. Bessey invent and perfect the patented brands in their plant in Bietigheim, which often become models for an entire generation of clamping and cutting tools.

Often copied, but never matched: This applies to, e.g. Original BESSEY malleable cast iron-screw clamps that are being used in the almost unmodified form since 1936. Or even to the Original BESSEY all-steel-screw clamps that were patented in 1952.

Box Contains

Belt tensioner





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